Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
Pinson, AL

How to get there:
Take 231 South, when it merges with 79, stay on it, when it veers off and 79 continues, stay on 79.
Spring Valley Beach will be on your right as you head down that way and you will pass the turn-off to Swann Creek Covered Bridge as well.

When you get to Pinson, be on the look-out for EZ PK on the left and just after that, a Shell and Chevron on the right side of the road at an intersection. This will be Narrows Rd.
Take a right. Take another right onto Turkey Creek Road (second turn). You are there. Find a section that looks appealing and stop there, or keep going to the waterfall, about a half- mile ahead.
This is a one-way road and it is enforced.

(from North AL)
Take I-65S to exit 267 (Walker Chapel Road)
Turn left onto Walker Chapel Road.
Walker Chapel Road becomes Carson Road.
Turn left onto Pine Hill Road.
Turn right onto New Castle Road.
Travel this road until you see a Mystik Gas Station on the right.
Turn right onto Jackson Road just past gas station.
Take Jackson Road until end and turn right onto Narrows Road.
Take a right onto Narrows Road. You will pass the Turkey Creek Landfill and Water Treatment Plants.
Third entrance on left is Turkey Creek Nature Preserve.
Keep going if you want creek access, the road is one-way along the creek and must be accessed by the entrance closest to 79.

What to expect:
No facilities. The rocks are slicker than snot. It can get pretty crowded on weekends. You need to wear shoes at all times.
Other than that, it is well-patrolled by a citizen group as well as local police, everyone that I have ever come into contact with there was very nice. There is a shallow area to play above the falls, the falls themselves are loads of fun to slide down or just to sit in and at the bottom of the falls is a larger, deeper swimming hole. The water is really clean, the area is home to the endangered snail darter, and you can see them swimming along with you!

If you or your child are not good swimmers, you will want a life jacket or float for the slide. The current is swift as it enters the pool area and a poor swimmer may panic. Your best bet is to sit at the bottom and catch your kiddies, the water is not deep, but the current is too strong for little ones to stand up against. If they swim well, they can ride out the current a few feet and get over far enough to swim back without having to fight it.

Ben-orange shorts-is sitting at the top of the 'waterslide'

Going down the slide

Coming back for more!

Closer shot of the slide

Swimming area the slide empties into.