Kinlock Falls

How to get there:
Take 33 to the Sipsey Picnic/Borden Creek Trailhead turn. Go to the end of that road, make a right and drive until the paved road ends. Keep going, there will be a sharp left curve and in the curve on the right there will be a secondary gravel road with a NO CAMPING sign. Drive past and look to your right, there will be small pull-off parking spots. Park in one, if you get to the bridge, you have passed it.

What to expect:
No facilities
The trail down to the falls is pretty steep, but short.

The upper falls area has some scary small pits that are deeper than your child is tall and they can slide right off into one. Most are easy to see, but one in particular-at the largest cascade- is invisible due to the water pouring into it. I reccommend life jackets for anyone under 5 feet tall, no matter how well they swim. The water is swift, cold and the drops are surprising.

That being said, this really is a great spot to swim and picnic. Be aware there is a sporadic trash problem, we just brought down a trash bag and filled it up and dropped it in my outgoing trash when we got home. It's lazy rednecks leaving their picnic supplies, and it trashes up the whole natural beauty of the area. It's sad when people are just that useless.

Various visits over the years, proximity to the road makes a quick stop for a peek easy.



Below the falls

View from a small overlook

Part of the trail

Above the falls

Not far from Kinlock Falls is Kinlock Shelter, a half mile walk from the road.